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I set up my LJ quite a while ago and constantly feel guilty that I've done nothing about posting anything, anything at all... So to rectify that I'm just going to babble away for a while to keep myself amused and get rid of the guilt.

Today was a good day at work, I kind of finished off putting together a magazine, which I've been part dreading and part looking forward to. It turns out it was a lot more fun than I expected and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the first proof, but not all the proof reading!

Kylie (one of my flatmates) and I went and saw 'Under the Lintel' at the Duchess Theatre last night. We were a bit perturbed to find outselves sitting in the front row. I sat on my coat to give me extra height which had the bonus of giving me a comfy seat. Richard Schiff was amazing. I used to watch the West Wing years ago, the first season I guess and although I recognised his acting was good, I didn't really like his character that much, which although it shouldn't, did put me off a bit and I only went 'cos a friend of Kylie's couldn't make it. Thank you Agnieszka for not being able to go.

I had managed to park my scooter not far from the theatre and managed (with not a huge amount of speeding) to get home an hour before Kylie. God bless Ken Livingstone and Transport for London.

Well that's it. I'm off cat/house sitting this weekend in Bromley so shall no doubt wander down to the shops and and spend money I don't have.